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June Altar

Do you like all of our Sacred Heart stuff?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

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Can you see the diver?

How about now?
Rooster didn't really want to take pictures of the diver. He isn't a fish you know. But, after some coaxing she snapped a few shots.
Here are a few other photos she took at the aquarium today.

I love this one.
Not much in this one....but, it sure is pretty:)

Random stuff at the zoo

A sign

train tracks

How exciting!!!!.......baby whatevers;)

Flowers at the zoo

Saturday, April 17, 2010

zoo trip

The zoo is an awesome place to practice photography. There are so many interesting things to see.

I really like this one.

The Desert Dome is one of Roosters favorite places to visit. The last time we were there the dome was covered with ice and snow.

I encouraged Rooster to take this photo.....and to stop and smell the blossoms:)

Rooster liked this water globe that rotates.

Giraffes and people in the background riding Sky View.

Rooster and GH were really impressed with Sky View. Rooster got these people to wave at her:)

This picture was a fluke in my opinion....she wasn't even looking at the view finder. She just held up the camera and snapped it. I guess maybe it would be luck if I had snapped it. Its skill when she does;D